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How to order
- About your order - Contact The Lily Garden

How to order:

1. Use this link to go to the ORDER FORM PDF.
(The order form will open in a separate window or a new tab in most browsers.
The Firefox browser will download the order form PDF. You will find it in your downloads file.)

NOTE: This is the NEW Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 order form.

2. PRINT THE ORDER FORM and fill it out with your selections,
then mail, fax, or phone in your order to:

The Lily Garden
4902 NE 147th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682-6067

Phone: (360) 253-6273
24 Hour Fax: (360) 253-2512

PHONE HOURS for telephone orders:
Monday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST

(Pacific Standard Time) as available.

You may need Acrobat Reader to use PDF files. Download it here. Get Adobe Reader
(It will open in a separate window.)

About your order...

When your bulbs arrive, please open the package immediately and check your order. It is best to plant the bulbs as soon as possible since they are never fully dormant.

If spring weather conditions prevent prompt planting, store the bulbs in a cool (but not freezing) place in their original packing material; the refrigerator or garage work well for most people. It is a good idea to check stored bulbs regularly while you look for any “window” in the weather that will permit you to plant them.     

We begin fall shipping in early October, via U.S. Priority Mail (unless another method is requested).   If your area is subject to early winter weather, a little pre-shipment preparation is all your garden will need to allow for fall delivery: dig planting holes while the soil is still workable, and keep the soil you’ve removed where it won’t freeze.  When your bulbs arrive, simply place them in the ground and cover with the unfrozen soil. 

Spring shipments begin in February (or the appropriate time for outdoor planting in your area), and we ship until May 10.  Plant bulbs promptly in a suitable location, and we guarantee our lily bulbs to grow and bloom!  Enjoy your lilies!

Fall is our busiest season

harvest crew of The Lily Garden
Fall is our busiest season, with days beginning before the morning fog lifts and often stretching until dusk.  Harvest is a mammoth task!  Judith’s digger lifts and loosens the bulbs, but every bulb must be separated, picked up, graded, sized, packed, labeled, and bagged by hand.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful and experienced crew, whose careful hands bring these bulbs from the field to you!

Contact The Lily Garden

Phone: 360-253-6273

24 hour fax: 360-253-2512

PHONE HOURS for telephone orders:
Monday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST
(Pacific Standard Time) as available.



The Lily Garden
4902 NE 147th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682-6067


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Contact The Lily Garden:
Phone: 360-253-6273, 24 hour fax: 360-253-2512
Telephone hours:
Monday & Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific, as available.


Note: LG indicates our own Lily Garden creations, born and bred on our farm.
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