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Asiatic Lilies, peach
Hardy in Zones 4 - 8

Peach Asiatic lily 'Iona'

‘Iona,’ a hybrid bred by Dr. Chris North, was named by a friend who felt this wonderful lily must be kept in cultivation. It has quite large, beautifully recurved "peach bisque" flowers that display lovely "rosepoint" markingsto perfection, and the robust plants carry these large blossoms without staking. Lightly fragrant, too!
4 feet and taller, late June.

ION Each $15.00 3/$40.00



Asiatic lily 'Spice Islands'

‘Spice Islands’ (LG) is a hardy beauty! Peach melon upfacing flowers are sprinkled with cinnamon, carried on a perfect candelabrum inflorescence. Treat yourself!
4 feet, late June.

SIS Each $6.00 3/$16.00



Asiatic lily 'Peach Lace'

‘Peach Lace’(LG) (LG) is another wonderful hybrid from ‘Ariadne!’ It has larger, fragrant, lightly ruffled flowers in a deeper shade of peach with a luscious pink reverse. It carries the lovely “rosepoint” pattern all the way to its petal tips, clearly visible even on the reverse of the flower! It began to flower 3 weeks ahead of ‘Ariadne’ this summer, and its long inflorescence of Turk’s-cap flowers remained in bloom for 4 weeks! This robust triploid is a vigorous grower; plant a few and you'll have a lovely mass of stems in a season or two.
4 to 5 feet and taller, early June.

PLA Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Asiatic lily 'Peach Lace' 'Peach Lace'
Asiatic lily 'Doeskin' (LG)

‘Doeskin’ (LG) has many nodding ‘Turk’s-cap” flowers of peach champagne, accented with cinnamon-red anthers. Introduced over 30 years ago, this enduring hybrid remains a favorite for its charm, reliability, and usefullness in breeding vigorous pastel Asiatics!
3 to 4 feet, mid June.

DOE Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Asiatic lily 'Tiger Babies'

‘Tiger Babies’ (LG) have large lightly fragrant pastel peach flowers with a hint of pink, shading to deep peach throats. This embryo-cultured hybrid combines the longevity of the Tiger lily with the statuesque size and substance of the Trumpet lilies.  A garden classic for over 30 years! 
3 to 5 feet, late June to early July.

TIG Each $6.00 3/$16.00


Asiatic lily 'Tiger Babies'

‘Tiger Babies' closeup


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Note: LG indicates our own Lily Garden creations, born and bred on our farm.
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