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Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
Asiatic lily 'Double Sensation'

New! ‘Double Sensation’ is sensational indeed, with upfacing double flowers shading from cream-white centers to deepest rose tips. Each flower is a bit different, varying slightly in the degree of doubling and the beautiful “crisping” and curling of the petal margins, as well as the flow of the raspberry rose coloring from center to tips.
3 to 4 feet, mid to late June.

DSE Each $7.00 3/$20.00


Pink Asiatic lily 'Heartstrings'

‘Heart Strings’ will tug at yours, with its jaunty cerise-tipped flowers and central creamy hearts.
3 to 4 feet, mid to late June.

HST Each $6.00 3/$16.00
Asiatic lily 'Iowa Rose'

‘Iowa Rose’ is aptly named for its luminous rose flowers which hold their color in the hottest weather.  Robert Prochaska’s wonderful triploid is a gift to the garden, hardy, reliable, lovely, and so long in bloom!
3 to 4 feet, mid June.

IOA Each $6.00 3/$16.00
'Ariadne' in the field

‘Ariadne,’ bred by Dr. Chris North of Scotland, is an enduring hybrid, with recurved pendant dusty rose flowers with creamy peach centers that have L. lankongense's marbled spotting pattern and light fragrance. Long, graceful stems carry an abundance of flowers that will last for weeks! With each new year, the stems grow taller and carry even more flowers.
'Ariadne’ is one of the finest garden lilies of all time and should have a place in every garden!
4 to 6 feet, mid-late June. 

ARI Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Asiatic lily 'Eurydice'

‘Eurydice’ is a marvelous hybrid from ‘Ariadne,’ with a long panicle of pendant, beautifully recurved, shimmering “red raspberry” flowers delicately etched with deeper “rosepoint” markings. It flowers in our fields for a full month, delighting us with its glowing color and light fragrance! Bred by Vaclav Jost of the Czech Republic, ‘Eurydice’ grows superbly well and has
proven to be a truly outstanding garden lily worldwide!
4 to 5 feet, late June.

EUR Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Eurydice field stem 'Eurydice' in the field.
Asiatic lily ‘Eros’

‘Eros’ is a lily we love for its silvery-blue frosted buds and its lightly fragrant, dusty rose Turk’s cap flowers, deeper pink than ‘Ariadne.’Each lovely flower opens in turn on its pedicel, perfectly spaced on the tall, willowy stems. The latest blooming of Dr. North’s hybrids, and especially heat tolerant!
3 to 5 feet, early July.

ERO Each $7.00 3/$20.00
'Eros' grown by Scott Crawford 'Eros' grown by Scott Crawford

Asiatic lily 'Midsummer's Eve'

Asiatic lily 'Midsummer's Eve'

‘Midsummer's Eve’ (LG) Our splendid hybrid from ‘Ariadne’ has a much deeper rose color, much later flowering time, and heavily “rosepointed” perfect Turk’s-cap flowers.  The first fragrant flowers open just as ‘Ariadne’ finishes, and bloom on the long, elegant stems for at least 4 weeks.  How amazing to see the last of the ‘Midsummer’s Eve’ blossoms just as ‘Scheherazade’ opens!  It is the most popular lily with the visiting butterflies and hummingbirds.  
4 feet, late June through late July.  

Special price!
MSE Each $12.50 3/$35.00
Asiatic lily 'Avonlea'

‘Avonlea’ (LG) is an appealing tetra Asiatic, with extra large flowers, lush thick foliage, and substantial stems! Deep pink buds open to reveal vibrant pink flowers with vanilla crème centers and deep cerise throats.
3 to 4 feet, late June.

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AVO Each $6.00 3/$16.00
Asiatic lily 'Marilla'

‘Marilla’ (LG) is our sturdy tetraploid wit a pyramid of large, rich rose-colored flowers. They have an extra beaty, too; once the flowers have been open for a day or two, they have a light perfume, rare among Asiatic lilies, and rarer still among those with large, up and outfacing blooms.
4 feet, June.

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MAR Each $6.00 3/$16.00


Asiatic Lilies, pink


Asiatic lilies: pink, white, peach, yellow, orange & red
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