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Connoisseur's Garden

A selection of our rarer treasures, available in limited quantities for the connoisseur and collector.

Orienpet hybrid 'Bravura'

Bravura (LG) has enormous, slightly pendulous flowers which are pure white outside and the deepest crimson you can imagine inside! The richly textured tetraploid flowers are as fragrant as they are lovely, and they are borne on sturdy stems which need no staking!
4 feet, early to mid July.

BVA Each $25.00 3/$70.00
Asiatic/Trumpet hybrid 'Seafarer'

Seafarer(LG) (Asiatic/Trumpet hybrid) has unspotted cantaloupe orange flowers with apricot throats. The large, bell shaped pendant flowers have a softer luscious trumpet-like fragrance.
3 to 5 feet, late June to early July.

Available for fall delivery only.
SFR Each $25.00 3/$70.00
Tetraploid trumpet lily 'Caruso'

New!Caruso(LG) is a luscious tetraploid trumpet named for its glorious golden throat. Its fragrant flowers are poised slightly downward, perfect to display the long wash of rich apricot extending from throat to the sparkling white edges.
3 to 5 feet and eventually taller, mid July.

CRS Each $40.00  
'Descant' (Lilium lankongense hybrid)

Descant(LG) remains one of our favorite hybrids from ‘Ariadne,’ still the best yellow Lilium lankongense hybrid, but still, alas! so slow to propagate.  It carries a wonderful long inflorescence of soft yellow nodding flowers with the lovely “spreckling” and the light, sweet fragrance typical of Lilium lankongense hybrids.  Every year the stems get longer and carry more flowers, eventually growing amazingly tall and creating a “descant” above the other stems in the garden!
3 to 5 feet and eventually taller, June.
Best planted in the fall, so available for fall delivery only.

Available for fall delivery only.
DES Each $25.00 3/$70.00
Tetraploid trumpet lily 'Angel Gabriel'

Angel Gabriel (LG)
It took generations of breeding to achieve these truly pink tetraploid trumpets, finally breaking the tenacious linkage between the “pink” and the “confine color to edge” genes! The gorgeous form of these trumpets remains, with just enough recurve at the tips to display the flowers to best advantage. The robust and substantial plants are everything we hope for in tetraploids, too, and the fragrance just as compelling.
4 feet and taller, early to mid July.

AGA Each $25.00 3/$70.00
We are often asked if any of our lilies attract hummingbirds, or if there are certain lilies they prefer.  ‘‘Karen North,’ and ‘Eurydice’ are favorites, and our local hummingbirds fight over the ‘Red Velvet’ territory in our fields every year!


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Note: LG indicates our own Lily Garden creations, born and bred on our farm.
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