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Crocosmias can only be shipped in spring.
Hardy in Zones 5 - 9
Croscomia 'Alborado' in the field
Crocosmia 'Alborado'™ in the field.

We’ve always enjoyed the brilliant colors of crocosmias and planted them to attract hummingbirds to the late summer garden. We love to combine them with lilies in our garden because they begin their long blooming sequence after the lilies have peaked, and they continue to beautify the landscape into early fall. Grown from corms planted in the spring, they form decorative clumps of strongly vertical leaves, crested by long panicles of as many as 50 brilliantly colored tubular flowers, similar to freesias in form and size, which bloom for many weeks. Crocosmias are wonderful cut flowers, too. They grow in less-than-perfect garden conditions, tolerating a fair bit of drought although enjoying summer moisture. They are happy in full sun and can tolerate a bit of shade.

These members of the iris family are generally hardy to zone 5, and in areas outside their hardiness zone, the corms can be lifted in late fall and stored, cool and dry, until the next spring. Using a good mulch will add 2 zones to their usual hardiness zone; if their first shoots are damaged by hard freezes, they are quick to initiate new shoots. They multiply rapidly and readily.

Our friend Niels van Noort began growing and hybridizing crocosmias in 2000. We’ve been fascinated by his progress creating new forms in a wider range of colors, heights, flowering time, and hardiness. Here are some of our favorites, including new and exclusive van Noort originations!

Niels van Noort with his CrocosmiasNiels with his Crocosmia 'Erika'

Croscomia 'George Davison'
Crocosmia 'George Davison'

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' with hummingbird, photo by Shannon Rinni
Photograph by Shannon Rinni

‘Lucifer’ (enjoyed here by a hummingbird) is the standard by which crocosmias are measured! It has the most intensely brilliant flaming red flowers and is invariably surrounded by hummingbirds in our garden. Begins to flower early to mid July in our zone 6, and is 3 to 4 feet and often taller once established. We are proud to offer the largest corms you’ll find anywhere --16 cm and larger for a shower of summer flowers!
Early to mid July, 3 to 4 feet and often taller once established

CLUC 5 / $8.00 10 / $15.00
Crocosmia 'George Davison'

New! ‘George Davison’ is new to our fields but the oldest cultivar we grow! It dates to 1900, winning an RHS Award of Merit in 1902! Pioneer crocosmia breeder George Davison bred and named this, his favorite bright yellow which shades to gold.
2 to 3 feet.

CGDV 5 / $15.00  
Crocosmia 'Clivie'

‘Clivie’™ (van Noort) has striking whorls of luminous bicolored yellow/peach orange flowers with conspicuously frilly stigmas and long-lasting anthers that accent the yellow throats! Its unique color pattern reminds us of Clivias! Very long-lasting flowers, too.
Midseason bloom, 3 to 4 feet.

CCLI 5 / $15.00  
Crocosmia 'Queen Alexandra'

‘Queen Alexandra’ is a fabulous heirloom, new to us but with a rich history: It received the RHS Award of Merit in 1918! Its huge flowers are a luminous soft golden orange, a deep cantaloupe with overtones of soft tangerine, reflexing lightly to display its deep bronze accent marks at the throat.
Late season bloom, 4 feet tall.

CQAL 5 / $20.00  
Crocosmia 'Happy Anniversary'

‘Happy Anniversary’™ (van Noort) bears long plumes of upright flowers of deepest scarlet, with a rich yellow star delicately flecked in red at the center of each. Flowers are a deeper red, sllightly smaller, and bit later to bloom than those of 'Jochem.' Stems are a showy, striking ebony plum, too.
2 to 3 feet tall.

CHAN 5 / $15.00  
Crocosmia 'Gold Rush'

‘Gold Rush’™ (van Noort) has large flowers of rich solid gold, with a hint of bronze at the throat. Each stem carries several panicles with many flowers, each bronze-tipped gold bud opening in turn.
2 to 3 feet.

CGRU 5 / $15.00  


Crocosmia 'Jochem'

‘Jochem’™ (van Noort) is a stunning and unique color combination! Each brilliant flame-red flower is embellished with a luminious gold star in its center. Its dark stems, a shade of beautiful plum bronze, add to the visual impact. Each "comb" carries 15 or more flowers, lengthening flowering time. Very early, 2 to 3 feet.

CJOC 5 / $15.00  


Crocosmia 'Alborado'

‘Alborado’™ (van Noort) means "daybreak," and it glows with the brilliant gold of the rising sun, tipped and reflected with vibrant red. Averaging 2 feet tall, it is perfect for container culture as well as flourishing in a garden setting. It begins to flower a bit later than 'Lucifer.' Not quite as hardy as the others, it will need a good mulch in zone 5 or colder areas.

CALB 5 / $15.00  


Crocosmias can only be shipped in spring.


Crocosmias -- page 1, page 2


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