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Why can flower color vary in Orienpets? Because of their complex ancestry and the interaction of many pigments, Orienpet lilies often have more intensely colored flowers in cooler weather. Heat and bright light can lighten their colors. The same stem of ‘Smoky Mountain’ may have some flowers heavily washed in red, with just a touch of gold near the edges, and golden flowers with a light watercolor wash of red.

The Orienpets are relatively new to the lily world, produced after years of efforts to combine the sublime beauty of the Oriental lilies with the more garden persistent, heat tolerant and colorful Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids.

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Arabesque'

‘Arabesque’ (Schenk, LG intro) has stupendous, long-lasting flowers of deepest glowing velvety rose-red. The tree-like stems support the graceful but enormous inflorescence of this winning lily! We had to use a saw to cut the stems of well-established plants! ‘Arabesque’ has growing vigor as well as size and substance, flourishing Bravura Anastasia Palazzo Bravura even in hot summers. A Popularity Poll winner!
4 to 6 feet, early to mid August.

Special price!
ARA Each $10.00 3/$27.00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Bell Towe' (LG)

Tetra! ‘Bell Tower’ (LG) bears sturdy stems hung with huge white bell-shaped trumpets, flaring perfectly downward to display their “brushed” peach-rose throats. In silhouette the spectacular flowers remind us of Daturas. ‘Bell Tower’ comes back with more flowers every year. A fertile tetraploid!
3 to 5 feet and taller, mid to late July.

BLT Each $25.00 3/$70.00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Flavia'

‘Flavia’ (LG) has wide-petalled flowers with a heavy wash of rose red in their centers, broadly edged in rich cream-yellow. Its upfacing, fragrant flowers have the substance we look for in the best of the Orienpets, too.
3 to 4 feet and eventually taller.

FLA Each $10.00 3/$27.00

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Conca d'Or'

‘Conca d’Or’ has humongous, Oriental-type flowers of lemon yellow with cream white outer edges and a sweet (not overpowering) perfume. Recently voted into the Lilly Hall of Fame!
3 to 4 feet (and taller when established), late July to early August.  

CDO Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Orienpet hybrid lily 'Conca d'Or' field stem. 'Conca d'Or'

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Caravan'

‘Caravan’(LG) has arrived!  Its blue-green stems are slender and strong, and carry huge outfacing flowers of intense sunshine yellow with brilliant red centers.  This fragrant and unique lily will create the ultimate focal point in your summer garden!  Popularity Poll winner! 
4 to 5 feet (and eventually taller), late July to early August.  

Special price!
CVN Each $8.00 3/$22.00

‘Gloriana’ (LG) gives a dazzling display of honey-gold "sunburst" flowers with brilliant red "whiskers" and matching pollen. High summer temperatures lighten the gold but intensify the red “whiskers.” Splendid flower form, high bud count, floriforous inflorescence, and broad green leaves.
4 to 6 feet and taller, late July through early August.

GLO Each $10.00 3/$27.00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Carte Blanche'

‘Carte Blanche’ (LG) This marvelous tetraploid was bred from 'Leslie Woodriff' and shares its superb vigor. The glistening white starburstflowers stay wide open, with only the tips recurving, displaying lovely green nectaries. Its broad, blue-green leaves are lovely and distinctive all summer long. Fragrant!
3 to 5 feet and taller, mid July. 

Special price!
CRT Each $7.50 3/$21 .00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Black Beauty'

‘Black Beauty is the original clone, bred almost 50 years ago by Leslie Woodriff from Lilium speciosum rubrum and Lilium henryi. It is a superlative garden plant, flourishing in every climate, producing a cascade of the famous “black-red” tightly recurved flowers.
3 to 5 feet and taller at maturity, mid to late August.

BLB Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Secret Message'

‘Secret Message (LG) is an amazing yellow Orienpet with huge, fragrant, lemon-chiffon outfacing flowers carried on tall, strong stems... and every wide-petalled blossom is a bit different from the next! The red-sketched whiskers and the “kaleidoscope” at the center of the flower both show every variation from soft suggestion to deepest expression.
4 to 5 feet, early to mid July.

SMG Each $30.00 3/$85.00


"Orienpet" Hybrid Lilies -- page 1, page 2, page 3


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