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The Oriental lilies prefer acid soil and temperate, moist summers. Provide these by shade, mulching, or container culture if necessary. Their enormous flowers, heavenly fragrance, and late summer bloom time are worth the extra efforts!
Hardy in Zones 5 - 8
Oriental lily 'Natalia'

New! ‘Natalia’ flowers a good bit earlier than the other double Orientals, so it’s perfect to s-t-r-e-t-c-h their flowering time! Its fragrant flowers are really, really double, and such a delightful rose pink, too!
3 to 4 feet, late July.

NAT Each $7.00 3/$20.00

New! 'Lilium auratum', the Gold Band Lily of Japan, is one of our favorites, and its gold band and spotting pattern vary widely in its native haunts. This is a beautiful clone selected for its full-length gold band, wide white petals, and rich rose-red spots.
3 to 4 feet and eventually taller, early August.

Limited supply.
AUR Each $10.00 3/$27.00

New! ‘Tarrango’ is a stunning, intense color, a totally saturated deep wine-rose with a flash of pure white in its throat for contrast. Absolutely luminous in the summer garden. Fragrance, color, size, and lovely broad leaves, too!
3 to 4 feet, August.

TAR Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Oriental lily 'Hotline'

'Hotline' has huge, sparkling white upfacing flowrs edged in a deep, glowing rose red. Heavily fragrant, too!
3 to 4 feet, August.

HLI Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Oriental lily 'Hotline'

Oriental lily 'Flying Circus'

'Flying Circus' (LG)
We first introduced this lily, something completely different, in 1996. This incredible mutation from 'Imperial Silver' seedlings goes far beyond double. Each one has up to 50 petals, slowly emerging from the mint green buds as the layers of petals open out and turn pure white. Flowers are amazingly long-lasting!
3 to 4 feet, July through August.

FLY Each $10.00 3/$27.00
Oriental lily 'Flying Circus' Oriental lily 'Flying Circus'
Oriental lily 'Idyllic'

New! ‘Idyllic’ is that luscious combination of rich true pink with a deeper glowing rose midrib on each petal. The large, fragrant flowers are outfacing, for maximum display and impact the late summer garden!
4 feet, early August.

IDY Each $7.00 3/$20.00

Oriental lily 'Casa Blanca'

‘Casa Blanca’ has world-famous enormous pure white flowers of incredible beauty! Add to that its marvelous fragrance and robust, broad-leaved stems, and you’ll see why this is a long time garden favorite.
4 feet, August.

CAS Each $6.00 3/$16.00



Oriental lily 'Indiana'

‘Indiana’ won top marks in the “biggest Oriental flower in the field” this year! Its spectacular upfacing crimson rose flowers averaged 10 inches across, and this was in our hottest summer in years, too! We love its delicately ruffled edges and the tiny sliver of white on the petal tips, just enough to say “Look at me! And smell me, too!”
3 to 4 feet and eventually taller, early to mid August.

IND Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Oriental Lilies -- page 1, page 2, page 3


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