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  Lilies in our collections are not labeled individually,
except where named varieties are listed.
'Scheherazade' 'Silver Schehezerade'
'Miss Libby' 'Silk Road'
'Leslie Woodriff' 'Conca d'Or'

Our Orienpet
Winner's Circle Collection
(LG) combines our winners in the polls for garden beauty and performance. Includes one bulb (or 3 bulbs) each of these wonderful creations:

(top row left to right)
'Scheherazade', 'Silver Scheherazade'

(middle row left to right)
'Miss Libby', 'Silk Road'

(bottom row left to right)
'Leslie Woodriff', 'Conca d'Or'

one bulb each
(6 bulbs total) $38.00
3 bulbs each
(18 bulbs total) $110.00

Crocosmia Full Palette Collectionincludes a wide selection of crocosmias (both listed varieties and others), perfect for first time growers and garden gurus alike. The hummingbirds, butterflies and bees will thank you!
(Bulbs in this collection are not individually labeled.)

Available for spring delivery only.
CFPL 10/$25.00 25/$60.00
Trumpet Voluntaire Collection

Trumpet Voluntaire Collection (photo at left) includes Trumpet lilies of all colors and forms: pink, white, yellow and orange. These lilies are superb in the garden, prized for their long trumpet flowers and incredibly rich sweet scent. (Lily bulbs in this collection are not individually labeled.)
4 to 5 feet, July

TRV 6/$22.00 12/$40.00 24/$75.00

Trumpet Voluntaire seeds also available.

Oriental Extravaganza Collection includes all colors and shapes of fragrant Oriental lilies. Indulge your passion for these glorious garden plants, terrific in arrangements, and spectacular in containers! Instructions for growing lilies in containers are included with every order. (Lily bulbs in this collection are not individually labeled.)

ORX 6/$25.00 12/$45.00 24/$85.00


A Season of Bloom Collection

A Season of Bloom Collection (photo at left) is made up of the widest range of lily varieties, spanning the entire summer with a glorious sequence of bloom. The picture at left is far better than any prose we can offer. (Lily bulbs in this collection are not individually labeled.)

12/$30.00 24/$55.00 48/$100.00
'Black Beauty' 'Casa Blanca' 'Conca d'Or' 'Leslie Woodriff'
'Red Velvet' 'Scheherazade' 'Silk Road' 'White Henryi'

Our Hall of Fame Collection includes these wonderful lilies in the NALS Lily Hall of Fame:
(top row left to right) 'Black Beauty', 'Casa Blanca', 'Conca d'Or', 'Leslie Woodriff',
(bottom row left to right) 'Red Velvet', 'Scheherazade' (LG), 'Silk Road' (LG), 'White Henryi'

HFM One bulb each (8 bulbs total) $50.00
  Three bulbs each (24 bulbs total) $145.00



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Asiatic lilies: pink, white, peach, yellow, orange & red
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Note: LG indicates our own Lily Garden creations, born and bred on our farm.
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