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Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
In zone 4, mulch well and protect from late spring frosts.

Tetra trumpet lily 'Goldsmith'

Tetra! ‘Goldsmith’ (LG) is our new strain of tetra Trumpets, with flowers of sumptuous golden yellow filling the garden with their fragrance.  Statueque stems support huge, long-lasting flowers.  These tetraploids have robust stature and terrific substance, and grow taller and more floriforous every year.   
4 to 5 feet (first season), early July. 

Special price!
GOL Each $15.00 3/$40.00

Lilium henryi hybrid 'Madame Butterfly'

Madame Butterfly(Johan Mak, Sr.) is a wonderful new Lilium henryi hybrid with swirling, rightly reflexed ivory “butterfly” form flowers with an apricot gold throat, accented with lots of lacy white papillae (those beautiful raised “whiskers”) at the center.  Flowering late in July and into August, it has graceful slender stems and lots of secondary buds that give it a long succession of flowers. 
4 to 5 feet and taller, early to mid July.  

Special price!
MDM Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Trumpet lily 'Summer Palace'

‘Summer Palace’ (LG) is our own strain of lovely, long flowered and tremendously fragrant pink trumpets! The colors vary in intensity but are always truly pink. Cool weather or dappled shade will deepen the color.
4 feet and taller, July.

SPL Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Summer Palace Strain seeds also available.

Tetra trumpet lily 'Ice Caves'

Tetra! ‘Ice Caves’ (LG) has fragrant, snowy white flowers, with a semi-recurving “sunburst” form that emphasizes icy green throats. This tetraploid strain has long-lasting flowers with tremendous substance!
4 to 5 feet (and eventually taller), early to mid July.

Special price!
ICE Each $10.00 3/$27.00


Trumpet lily 'Midnight'

Midnight Strain is a rare trumpet in the deepest, richest hue of purple. Even in our hottest weather, this lily holds its rich color and imbues the garden air with its perfume! Cool weather, especially cool night temperatures, intensifies the color.
4 to 6 feet, July.

MID Each $15.00 3/$40.00
lilium leucanthum trumpet

Lilium leucanthum, originating from China, has huge white trumpets; our special seed-grown strain is the result of continued selections for the dark chocolate-raspberry reverse. Stems will grow taller year after year and bear more flowers, reaching 8 feet or more at maturity. Fragrant!
4 to 8 feet, July.

Supply limited.
LEU Each $15.00 3/$40.00

Trumpet lily 'Copper Crown'

‘Copper Crown’ (LG) has long, bronze-colored buds and beautiful cantaloupe-colored fragrant flowers. Walk by them in the garden at any time of day and delight your senses!
4 to 5 feet, July.

COP Each $7.50 3/$21.00

What does “tetra” mean? 
Tetra is short for “tetraploid,” meaning these lilies have four sets of chromosomes rather than the usual two (one from each lily parent). 
What’s different about tetras?  Stuffing the cells with twice as many chromosomes makes every cell bigger and crisper, creating statuesque plants with amazingly large, substantial flowers. It takes an extra year or two for us to grow these big plants to “mature flowering” size, but the added time and cost to produce these stupendous plants is worth every penny!


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